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Rail­bound container trans­port wagons in diffe­rent
versions as

  • Flatbed bogies for longi­tu­dinal or trans­verse container loading
  • Low bed bogies with lowered support between the axles
  • Turn­table bogies for manual swive­ling (4 x 90°)
  • Tandem or triple bogies for higher auto­ma­tion (only with electric drive)
  • Support frame with teardrop plate cover, in hot-dip galvanized
  • steel design, screwed corner guides, wheels, axles, bearings painted, shoe parking brake, for stan­dard skip containers
  • up to 12 m³, drive load capa­city up to 175 kN.
  • with attach­able hand ratchet for manual displacement
  • with electric drive for moto­rized displa­ce­ment with limit
  • swit­ching on both sides and power supply with
    - spring-actuated cable reel
    - hanging trai­ling cable
    - power tracks with lateral unwinding

Rails, wheel flange angle for recessed instal­la­tion, track cros­sing with turntable

Heavy-duty container wagon for rail-less use in two versions as flat-bed or deep-bed bogies

Suitable for carrying capa­ci­ties up to 120 kN with teardrop plate cover, with pivoted bogie stee­ring and coupling fork, twin tires and parking brake, hot-dip galva­nized steel design and various special designs are also possible.