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The conveying process often requires the treated mate­rials to be cooled or heated at the same time. The PURATEK-exchange® unit is a conveyor with jacket, shaft and spiral cooling or heating. Espe­ci­ally desi­gned for heavy-duty applications.

The performance-optimized cooled or heated screw unit convinces with a high heat transfer coef­fi­cient with a simul­ta­neously high conveying rate. These charac­te­ristics are achieved by opti­mi­zing the geometry of the conveyor screw unit, thus maxi­mi­zing the available thermal exch­ange surface.

The cooling/heating medium is guided in precisely defined and flow-optimized chan­nels. The cooling or heating medium flows through the conveyor/mixer jacket, screw shaft and screw blades. A wide variety of cooling and heating media can be used: water, steam, thermo-oil, Glysantin® mixture, etc.

The layout of the PURATEK-exchange® unit involves the most advanced calcu­la­tion methods. This is an advan­tage espe­ci­ally when the cooling or heating screw must operate at narrow space, such as a small tempe­ra­ture diffe­rence between the cooled and heated medium.

For corro­sive, chemi­cally aggres­sive and extre­mely abra­sive mate­rials to be conveyed and to be cooled or heated simul­ta­neously, special produc­tion mate­rials are used. The PURATEK-exchange® unit is mainly made of high-quality stain­less steel up to Duplex steel.