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Container Depot

The container depot allows the trans­port of all contai­ners and/or skips which have been placed down on the floor. The trans­port is possible by a pit sunk into the ground or between two beams mounted in parallel.

The traver­sing carriage with an inte­grated lifting system moves under­neath the depo­sited contai­ners. After having been posi­tioned under the contai­ners, the hydrau­li­cally actuated plat­form lifts the container from its loca­tion, so that the lifting truck can trans­port the container to the desired location.

Combined with a cross carriage, the lifting truck, the container or even both can be put into another traver­sing line. Both the traver­sing units offer a wide range of the most diffe­rent trans­port lines (e.g., two‑, three- or multi­line). In this way, circular or cross forma­tions can be moved with the containers.