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Space cons­trains are often problem when designing compact effi­cient plant. Bulk mate­rial flows have to be lifted verti­cally in the smal­lest possible space.

The PURATEK-vertical® screw conveyor is an elegant and cost-optimized option for this purpose. However, this requires a precise design of the required conveying system.  The hori­zontal feeding unit and the verti­cally conveying unit.

The speeds of these units must be opti­mally harmo­nized, and enor­mous thrust forces on the drive shafts must be adequa­tely absorbed in order to achieve a high conveying capa­city of the system. The PURATEK® desi­gners are experts for vertical conveying systems with 20 years of expe­ri­ence. In the past, vertical spiral screw conveyors for all conceivable bulk mate­rials have been supplied and success­fully put into opera­tion by PURATEK®. From A to Z, from aluminum oxide to sugar beets. Nevertheless, today most vertical spiral conveyors are used for conveying dewa­tered as well as dried sewage sludge.