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Spiral Conveyors

The high-quality design of the PURATEK spiral conveyors ensures ecolo­gical, safe and econo­mi­c­ally optimal opera­tion with the lowest possible main­ten­ance effort and a long service life.

PURATEK spiral conveyors are used as closed conveying
systems for a wide variety of media. The main areas of appli­ca­tion are the trans­port of bulk mate­rials from muni­cipal and indus­trial plants, scree­nings and thic­kened, dewa­tered or dried sludge.

The type and consis­tency of the trans­ported mate­rial, the required conveying capa­city, the conveying length and the conveying slope require a detailed design. The PURATEK specia­lists use their know-how and many years of expe­ri­ence to design your plant individually.