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Envi­ron­ment Recycling

Raw mate­rials are beco­ming incre­a­singly scarce and there­fore more valu­able. For tech­nical inno­va­tion to remain feasible in future, optimal recy­cling of used mate­rials is impe­ra­tive. Conveying tech­no­logy is always a decisive compo­nent, whether for the treat­ment and recy­cling of used mate­rial or for the necessary disposal.

PURATEK has special know-how in conveying tech­no­logy in all these sepa­rate fields. Toge­ther with our custo­mers, we will find the optimal solu­tion to all these recy­cling steps and in this way we are making our contri­bu­tion to the deve­lo­p­ment of a sustainable and envi­ron­ment­ally friendly economy.