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TROUGH CHAIN CONVEYORS with inter­me­diate bottom are used for the conti­nuous, high-performance trans­port of small- and coarse-grained bulk mate­rials in a dewa­tered or dry, adhe­sion free state in a trough housing closed on all sides without dust formation.

In depen­dence on the required conveying capa­city, conveyor chain and trough can be laid out as single- or double-strand design. The mate­rial of cons­truc­tion depends on the requi­re­ments of the mate­rial to be conveyed. The conveyed mate­rial can be discharged at any point of the trough. The number and posi­tion of the discharge points can be adjusted by using gate valves.

The mate­rial conveying line can be hori­zontal, inclined or vertical, with concave or convex curves. The 20 chain conveyor trough segments are flanged and can be adapted to the exis­ting struc­tural condi­tions. They are stati­cally supple­mented by neces­sary support or suspen­sion structures.

For wear protec­tion, the bottom plates and the side­walls of the inner trough, which are in contact with the chain, are protected by guides made of manganese steel. For heavy-duty wear protec­tion, fused basalt or various wear-resistant mate­rials are used.