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PURATEK discharge bottoms are suitable for dischar­ging of large sludge bunkers.

The discharge bottom consists of screw shafts arranged in a parallel rows. This allows a large mate­rial bunker bottom area to be evenly discharged and prevents mate­rial doming. PURATEK large bunker discharge bottoms have proven of their worth in dischar­ging of non-compacted mate­rials and pasty sludges, such as sewage sludge. The screw shafts are coupled driven via spur gears. The mate­rial is discharged over the entire width of the bottom.

After that, discharged mate­rial is then trans­ferred in into arranged conveyor system. The feed bunker can be made of sheet steel with stif­fe­ning profiles. Alter­na­tively, a concrete bunker can be made by the client.