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Feeding Station

PURATEK feeding stations are suitable for various bulk mate­rials, also for recei­ving dewa­tered sewage sludge or post-treatment of the sludge.

Geometry of the feed hopper is desi­gned for loading with a wheel loader. The geometric shape of the hopper prevents brid­ging of input mate­rial. A double screw serves also as a discharge device. The screw shafts are mounted in flange bearings and sealed with stuf­fing boxes. 

In order to adapt the discharge quan­tity to the desired deli­very rate, the speed of the screws can be changed using a variable speed geared motor. A plat­form with railings and a suspen­ding ladder can be atta­ched, to simplify main­ten­ance of the machine and enable the obser­va­tion of the discharge process.