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TROUGH SCREW CONVEYORS can be installed for a wide range of fine-grained and coarse-grained, dry and wet media to be conveyed in hori­zontal to steeply ascen­ding positions.

The double-edged, U‑shaped trough in hot-dip galva­nized steel or stain­less steel with screwed as well as edged cover segments allows easy access to the inner trough for maintenance.

The end walls are bolted to the trough in a water­tight manner, the screw shaft is fixed on both sides with external flange bearings and an inspec­tion and main­ten­ance opening is provided above the discharge chute.

The drive can be pulling or pushing, and two dischar­gers can be operated with a rever­sible drive. The solid-blade worm spirals are conti­nuously welded to the shaft.

Special designs, e.g. with progres­sive helix pitch, with shred­ding cutouts on the outer edge of the helix under the inlet pipe or the instal­la­tion of replaceable inserts of diffe­rent mate­rial grades, a statio­nary support or suspen­sion struc­ture or a canti­le­vered, swiveling loading device, the double-walled design as a cooling or heating screw, etc. are possible at any time.