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In the hori­zont­ally disposed cylind­rical mixing drum, the tools arranged in the stag­gered order rotate on the shaft.

The mixing tools are arranged in the stag­gered order and rotate on the strong hori­zontal shaft mounted in cylind­rical mixing drum. The shape and arran­ge­ment of the mixing tools, force the mixed mate­rial to falls away from the drum walls and cause intense mixing. The circum­fe­ren­tial velo­city of the mixing tools is desi­gned in such a way, that the mixed mate­rial forms a vortex layer, whereby an optimal turbu­lence for the mixing process is created.

With an adjus­table gate in front of the discharge orifice, the holding time of the mixed mate­rial can be regu­lated. For the crus­hing of agglo­me­rates and lumps, the mixing unit can be equipped addi­tio­nally with cutter heads arranged late­rally on the drum wall.

PURATEK plough share mixers can be used for batch­wise mixing of:

  • dry solid material
  • granu­late material
  • paste-like mate­rial
  • powdery mate­rial
  • sludge with solids (condi­tio­ning)

There­fore the plough share mixers areas of appli­ca­tion are as follows:

  • disposal industry
  • sewage treat­ment plants
  • buil­ding mate­rials industry
  • chemical industry
  • envi­ron­ment engineering

Main features:

  • Highest mixing quali­ties with short mixing times
  • Simple, compact and robust design
  • High opera­tional relia­bi­lity and long service life
  • Easy-to-clean mixing chamber and small­in­stal­la­tion dimensions

The mixer inlet and outlet openings have rect­an­gular flanges. The addi­tion of the condi­tio­ning agent takes place in a round inlet pipe with flange. Gases are extracted through addi­tional pipe connection.